About us

Dizzy Legwear Ltd was founded in 2020 by former yoga teacher Loulou Stirrup. We sell leggings and yoga pants for women. 

When asked how Dizzy was born, Loulou, answers:

      "Like many other people I found myself unexpectedly living in leggings over the last year. It might have been lockdown blues or workout frenzies that got me thinking about leggings. I am not sure. But I was clear that I loved wearing the elastic fantastic every day even if I wore through them worryingly quickly and that my boredom threshold was low. What could be more dull than spending over £80 on a pair of big brand leggings? Why on earth did these leggings and yoga pants have to be so expensive? As far as I could see, there wasn't really much to differentiate the expensive big brands from other products. I wondered if there could be a way to source fun, comfortable, good quality leggings which don’t cost a fortune...?

After the complications following the birth of my youngest son Felix in April 2020, which resulted in a scary near-death experience and 6 weeks in hospital, I had loads of time to think about this a bit more. It was at that time that I thought about how to disrupt and break the mould for my own benefit, as well as for my friends and all those equally frustrated with the status quo"

Enter Dizzy!

"By November 2020 with the help of my partner Dan, we had created the Dizzy concept; lovely, comfortable, hard-wearing, stylish leggings and yoga pants you can live in, lift weights in, do yoga or pilates in, run in. You now see the results!"

Dizzy is based in the West Country in the UK. You can reach us by writing to us or calling us here:

Dizzy Legwear Ltd
22 Watersmeet Road
Lynmouth EX35 6EP
United Kingdom

UK tel: 01598 751070
Email: hello@dizzylegwear.com